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Here come the Contests!

Hey there all you lovely lemondrops! You might've thought our group became inactive or something along those lines, but rest assured! Our fantastic admin team have been checking up on our group every day! It's just, we've been discussing behind the scenes which contest theme to place next, and without a clear 'choice,' the journals were left untouched :( The winners were only meant to remain on the page for a month or less, but alas it took quite a bit of deciding. So to everyone, I apologise!

But in more important news! OUR NEW CONTEST.
Our lovely blithebird came up with an idea of a 'Bi-Monthly' contest. Our group would host a contest every two months with prizes up for grabs and a group page feature that would remain for a month or less, so in a sense, the contests are actually every 2 and a half months. The deadline for this upcoming contest will be themed something along the lines of April Fools

April Fools

The contest deadline will be on the 1st of April and will be based on the idea of 'April Fools,' but the final theme has not been announced yet. Prizes are also being decided so do keep an eye out.

The final theme/prompt will be announced over the next few days or so, so please keep an eye out!

Donations, contributions and prizes offered would be such an appreciation! Giving out prizes solely by myself would prove quite difficult as I'd run out of points to give quite quickly! :<

In the Meantime...

Keep submitting your lovely works and just... being you! ^^

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Our 1st Contest, Over!

So, as we've said before, this contest marks one of the very first important events in our group, our very first contest! It's been such a pleasure to be able to post up these wonderful pieces by these great artists as well as such an honour to have these members apart of our group. The submissions were great and we got some nice support from our group members as well as participation in our final judging which was great!
I'd like to thank all the participants and supporters of this contest very much! And now, on with the final moment, the winners!

The Winners

First Place

Light of Christmas by Lilaccu
Light of Christmas by Lilaccu

Second Place

Christmas Dreamers by Aikurisu
Christmas Dreamers byAikurisu

Third Place

Spitzbuben by feigenfrucht

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First Place : Lilaccu

Lilaccu is a very talented artist of our group who appears to focus in digital art as well as having a forte in traditional mediums, even writing one of her own fan comic, Hydrangea. She's one of those artists that you find on deviant art and just seem to be swept away by her talent. Her artwork displays excellent technique, skill and use of colour. She is able to capture various different types of emotions perfectly with her skilfully drawn facial expressions and body language. Humans and elves appear to be her forte, in general, the human figure. She draws with excellent anatomical knowledge and skill and paints the human figure wonderfully, hands, hair, figure and all. Her use of vibrant colours creates an endless flow of energetic vibes throughout her great artworks that consist of a unique anime style. Her paintings of humans and elves are beautiful, but so are her wonderful backgrounds. With a rough and sketchy look, the backgrounds are precise at the same time and are really distinguishable at what they are. Lilaccu is definitely a talented artist who earns first place for the first contest hosted by spread-theArt.
It is an honour to be able to announce her submission as the winner of the contest.

Here are some examples of her great work,

Vigilante of Knights Errant by Lilaccu S t a r M a k e r by Lilaccu Awakening by Lilaccu

Cursed Eye Devon by Lilaccu Magica Madoka Mami Homura by Lilaccu Illusionist - Eden Eternal by Lilaccu

Diving in Melodies-Miku Append by Lilaccu Chrono Enchantress by Lilaccu Under the same sky by Lilaccu

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Second Place Aikurisu

Aikurisu is another very talented artist who participated in the contest and we are very proud to announce him as one of the winners. Aikurisu is another of those artists you find and feel intrigued by their unique style. His pieces are very dramatic and are focally concentrated on a single subject or concept. He uses very washed out colours, mainly consisting of blue and green hues in combination with his atmospheric creations. He is a very skilful artist who also understands the anatomic structure of humans and can also paint fantasy backgrounds beautifully with lots of detail and imagination.

An example of some of his works,

Arcadians by Aikurisu Ishayr's Three by Aikurisu Elsest Fortress by Aikurisu

Third Place feigenfrucht

feigenfrucht is a photographer of mostly flora. She is a photographer who appears to be familiar with macro photography from extreme close-ups featuring the details and textures of the subject to closeups of the entire subject. The composition of her shot's are quite interesting and thoughtful, being able to place her subjects that give them prominence and create a focal point in her shots. Her vast gallery of flora shots are simply beautiful, consisting of vividly coloured flowers of all sorts.

An example of some of her works,

:thumb258076766: Cosmea II by feigenfrucht Chocolate in detail by feigenfrucht

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Once again, I'd like to thank you all for participating and supporting this contest! We will have another contest sometime soon so, keep an eye out!

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So, we've finally come to the moment! THE FINAL JUDGING! It's been great to see all the submissions of the great work of our group's very own artists. The contest was great and there were 13 submissions in total! A great number for our first contest for such a fresh group! But that's enough of that, we haven't finished yet!

We need YOUR help, to VOTE for the WINNERS of the contest
The Poll can be found on my page here

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The Semi Finalists of our Christmas Contest are</h2>

Light of Christmas by Lilaccu
by Lilaccu

Christmas Dreamers by Aikurisu
by Aikurisu

Christmas means to me... Magic by MmeLizzard
by MmeLizzard

by feigenfrucht

by feigenfrucht

Please pop down and visit the poll on my profile page, and vote for the Winners!

The poll will be available between 24-48 hours and will be announced on this page as well as my own.

If you have any prizes to offer or are willing to FEATURE the Winners in your blogs etc, please give me a message, it'd be a great help!


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The Contest is now CLOSED

Results will come out between 1-4 days, depending on how long it takes to get back from other judges.

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:bulletred: The theme shall be, ''What does Christmas Mean to You?''
:bulletorange: Submit your submission under the name 'Christmas means to me...>TITLE<'
:bulletyellow: Share a link to this contest journal or our page in the Artist Comments
:bulletgreen: You may submit more than one piece, in fact, as many as you like!
:bulletblue: Deviants entering must send a note notifying kelogsloops, that you are participating.
:bulletpurple: Post a link below to your contest submission.

The deadline for submissions will be January the 9th
Yes. Christmas is way over by about two weeks, but we were forced to create this contest quite late due to the lack of initial members.

The submissions will be judged via
Myself and the other admins deciding on the best 5.
The best 5 will then be voted on via a poll available to all members. This poll will be created on my own page and will be linked to via the group.

The prizes may change, as more members may volunteer to also feature / donate / reward the winners with prizes. But these are the basics.

First Place

The Winner shall receive;
:bulletpink: an Full Artist Feature on the group page
:bulletred: 20 pts from :iconscraptor:
:bulletorange: 25 pts, a :+watch:, llama and a feature from :iconkelogsloops:
:bulletyellow: 10 pts, a :+watch: and llama from :iconxbloodbathx:
:bulletgreen: 5 pts, a :+watch: and llama from :iconsyzzle:
:bulletblue: a :+watch: and llama from :icondonaldcuk:
:bulletpurple: a +watch and 1 free Digital Chibi from :iconeiko497:
:bulletpink: 1 free drawing from :icondice-shimi:

Second Place

:bulletred: a minor feature on the group page
:bulletorange: 10 pts, a :+watch:, llama and a feature from :iconkelogsloops:
:bulletyellow: a :+watch: and llama from :iconxbloodbathx:
:bulletgreen: a :+watch: and llama from :icondonaldcuk:
:bulletblue: a :+watch: and llama from :iconeiko497:

Third Place

:bulletred: a minor feature on the group page
:bulletorange: a :+watch:, llama and a feature from :iconkelogsloops:
:bulletyellow: a :+watch: and llama from :iconxbloodbathx:
:bulletgreen: a :+watch: and llama from :icondonaldcuk:

Of course, the winners will be linked on the group page as well.

If you would also like to offer up a prize or a feature to the winners, please send kelogsloops a note. It would be a real help and greatly appreciated!

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If you have any questions or feedback even suggestions about the contest, just pop a comment down below.

Current Entries

:thumb274539810: :thumb274885883: :thumb274540380: :thumb275598665: Eswen Kiss PLZ by Nap-pi Dashingthroughthesnow by d3adp00l Light of Christmas by Lilaccu Christmas Dreamers by Aikurisu Christmas means to me... by M0onQueen Christmas Means to Me ... Decorations by toneknee :thumb275599248: Christmas means to me... Magic by MmeLizzard :thumb276673861:

We are also looking for Contributers to help out with the group!

For more information, please send me a note regarding on how to become a contributer for the group.

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Hi fellow deviants! This is a new group made for everyone and anyone.
Firstly, we'd like to pose to you a question.

Ever made an artwork you were so proud of and felt accomplished about...
... yet never got the recognition you deserved for it?

Ever wanted to see your art up on 'featured' blogs, lists etc?...
... yet never were given the opportunity?

Ever wanted to get commented, favourites, critiques etc?...
... yet never got more than one or two of these?

Our purpose of this group is to feature and showcase the talent of the thousands of artists that exist out there who don't deserve the  recognition. We want to create a group that does this, although you may hear this over and over, we would like to bring this to the dA community. We want to allow you to contribute your art and get the recognition you deserve!

So come along, if your one of these or if you just want to support art and artists alike who can relate.

Feel free to join and post any artwork you like and hopefully we can show the world your wonderful talent!

Please do invite your friends to our group! We'd appreciate it so much

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One way we plan to tackle this and achieve our objectives, is through an idea called 'Share the Art' features.
It is a way of linking several artists who seek recognition through a free feature chain through various deviant's journals and is a very fun way to get in touch!

My 'Share the Art' feature is here,


If you would like to get featured, visit the journal and find out how!

:bulletred:   :bulletorange:   :bulletyellow:   :bulletgreen:   :bulletblue:   :bulletpurple:

This group was founded by me, :iconkelogsloops: and :icondonaldcuk:


Recent Journal Entries

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